Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AJ's Favorite Games

When AJ grew up he loves to play anything. He loves to play computer when he was only 3 years old. We discovered that he can open the computer and play when he was at that age, and all of us were shocked when we saw him playing computer games. We thought, how can he read because he had been to school yet. However, he knew how to play with it.
Few weeks ago, we brought them (together with his brother) to a mall and he usually ask to play there. He loves to play Winnie the Pooh adventures with friends. Look at him here, he really knows what to do. He is only 6 years old but he weighs more than his age too. He loves to eat, sleep, play and do something to make you laugh. Yet, he could easily cry when he wants to. When he stays at home, he always watch Winnie the Pooh movie. I guess, he had watched the movie several times already (maybe around 30-40 times) but he still wants to watch anytime he is at home. He had not bored of looking and watching over it. As if everytime he saw the movie, its first time for him and he is always excited to watch. He could alread memorize the words spoken by each actor. That's how he loved Winnie the Pooh.
He's a sweet child and loves to be hugged always. He could easily make friend with others at any age level. Maybe because of his sweet ways that many was carried away and could easily learn to love him. We thank God for AJ and his desire to be good young as he is. He could not even sllep without praying or reading the WORD of God. I have more stories to tell next time.

Friday, May 22, 2009

AJ's Early Experience

When AJ was born, he struggled for more than a week of heplock. Everytime the nurse would come nearer, he would cry as if he can see the nurse for just a week old. He was so cute when he was still a baby. According to our friends, who saw him, he looks Chinese because of his eyes. His Mom's forefathers were like him. He has a fairer skin, and loved to drink milk.

His Mama would always share with us that she was still pregnant with AJ, after few minutes of eating she would feel hungry. She didn't understand herself. Now, she understands why she was always hungry during that time, because AJ loved to eat. After breastfeeding, AJ would still cry and ask for more milk, and his Mama would cry because she has nothing to give to AJ. Then she would prepare a bottle of milk because AJ won't stop crying until he was filled with milk. That's my son, he loved to eat anything especially something that he likes such as yogurt, bread, fried chicken, soup, and a lot more.

When he was a year old, we send him to different friends to help us take care of him because yayas were not as good as we thought. He didn't want to be left with them. So his Mama hard a hard time to look for a good yaya for AJ. He would always cry everytime we leave. So we chose to send AJ to our friends who can take care of him. For a couple of months we were doing that. And many times his Mama could not go to school because nobody could take care of AJ. That was the saddest and lowest moments of our lives. But we were able to survive during those times. God allowed us to encounter hardships so that we can relate to others who have the same struggles. We can't be a blessing if we can't understand the struggles and hardships of others. Though it's a hurting process but we were able to cope up especially for my wife. We're not hurt by the circumstances but the people who were helping us inside the house, whom we thought could help us take care of our baby. We had undergone a lot of hurts. But praise God we were able to cope with the situation and we had undergone a healing process. It's not just easy but it feels good when you're free from hurtaches and the like. More posts next time...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Miracle Baby was born

Before our baby was born, his mom labored for 36 hours. She struggled a lot, having high fever, and was already chilling. It was her saddest moment but she was lifted up by the Lord through the prayers of our friends and relatives. The doctor who was also our friend, gave her 10 minutes, then right after that she would be under an operation. I claim God's grace and power during that time. I was claiming God's anointing to be upon her and the baby.

After struggling for prayers, God miraculously answered our prayers. AJ was born with high fever too because he had already took some infections from his Mom. Both of them stayed for few days in the hospital before going back home. Yet AJ stayed longer due to jaundice and fever. But he was able to survive and keep struggling for life. It's not so easy at first but we were able to manage. He had to undergo heplock for a week while taking medicine and antibiotic. He has to take 3 vials for a day. But God is always faithful and true. He will never leave His children unattended nor his seed begging bread.

He was our Jehovah Jireh, our God who provides! And He proves who HE is to us! He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End! Glory be His name!